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Dear Customer and Partner,

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for using jaramall.com this past 1 year. It’s been great making the mistakes, correcting them, learning from you and most importantly partnering with you to build a solid customer service culture. 50% of our customers have come from referrals – you guys telling your friends and colleagues to use our service. Thank you so much!

A while ago we gave you a call to tell you about certain changes in our operations. Our Mantra from day 1 has always been “great customer service” and we’ve worked hard to make this happen of course with your advice and corrections along the way. As our customer base grew and company grew alongside, we started thinking about the BIG PICTURE. What do we want to be known for?

Out, Jaramall -> In, GingerBox

Our goal at first was to provide almost anything to you. Today, we realize a more impactful goal will be to “provide access to fresh and affordable healthy food”, healthy being the keyword. We want to become your preferred nutrition and wellness partner. We want to help build healthy, strong, happy and productive families and organizations.

This will mean a few sudden changes in operations:

1. Jaramall will now be known as GingerBox. We want to “ginger your swagger”, basically give you the right kind of energy to attain your goals.

2. We are starting with delivering fresh fruit and nuts to offices in Ikoyi and Victoria Island and will expand product offerings and delivery locations simultaneously.

3. We will provide access to only healthy food.

We truly love you guys and look forward to serving you on our new platform soon. You can sign-up for a FREE basket of fruits on behalf of your company or send the link to someone who’s in a position to do that here: www.gingerbox.com.ng

Thank you!

With Love,

Kunle Jinadu CEO,

GingerBox (formerly Jaramall)

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